About us

Having created everything from infographics to interactive videos during our time working together in Leeds, the idea for Pressures & Perspectives was born out of a universal desire to create a meaningful project outside of our regular working hours. Inspired by Colin’s personal experience with depression, the team first put its brains together in 2016, however, it wasn’t until earlier in 2017 that we decided to produce Vol. 01 of the magazine and finally the website you’re on right now in May of 2017.

Below you’ll find out a little more about each of us – who we are, what we bring to the table and what we hope to achieve by building P&P. We’ve also included our Twitter and Instagram handles, so don’t be afraid to get in touch if you’d like to get involved or feedback on the project.

  • Alex Lester

    My role at P&P is to write the words, plan the content and manage our social accounts. In the past I’ve written for several independent magazines and once tried to start my own (RIP Tusk Journal).

  • Helen Mosley

    Other than writing the majority of the content you're about to read, my role at P&P is to liaise with anyone that's looking to work with us. I also manage the Instagram account – which is all kinds of fun.

  • Colin Grist

    I'm the chap who came up with the branding, design and website for P&P. My personal experience with depression is what brought this group of super cool kids together in the first place – I'm really proud of this thing.

  • Danielle Harrison

    Graphic designer and girl boss extraordinaire, I'm a designer who contributes to both the magazine and illustrations. I also form part of She Does Digital – a group celebrating the amazing careers digital has to offer.

Thanks for the support

Although it may fall short when compared to the amazing work done by major charities, foundations and publications that dedicate their very existence to battling the stigma associated with mental health problems, we feel that at the very least the team here at Pressures & Perspectives will have created something that's made you think.

Challenging an issue as complex as this isn't something that can be done alone, and we owe a huge thank you to those who have contributed since starting this project.

Without you guys, the distance we've been able to travel would've taken ten times longer. Who knows, we may have even lost faith along the way. There's no need to name individuals, you all know who you are. You are the partners, listeners and contributors. You are the friends, relatives and co-workers who go out of your way to support those around you. You are the people brave enough to reach out, speak and share.

To all of you, five stars.